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How Is AR Transforming Advertising?

  • by Hyper Island Asia
Augmenting the world is a concept that us humans have always been fascinated with, even before we called in Augmented Reality (AR). Activities such as shadow play and "wayang kulit" are two such examples where we were able to create a new layer of reality over our 3D, real world.

In 2001, the band Gorillaz took “wayang kulit” to a whole new level of augmentation the world by performing with a virtual band on stage. 21 years later, how far have we progressed with AR? Here are three big ideas and drivers of AR transforming the future of  advertising:

Shifts In Advertising Strategies

When it comes to “digital advertising”, most of us have been exposed to banner ads, search ads, video ads and in-app ads. With Augmented Reality, advertising has the ability to bring an immersive lens into the advertising mix. That way, instead of talking about a product or selling it, people are a step closer to experiencing it within a real-world context. Ikea was one of the first players within this area by launching Ikea Studio in 2017.

Transforming The Retail Experience

Chris Martin from Flex MR suggests that as we travel beyond 2022, we will be more likely to experience a rise in location-specific augmented reality to drive in-store visits and more affordable experiential marketing campaigns. Statistics say that it might drive better sales! According to Shopify, AR ads, when done well, outperform traditional display ads, generating 94% higher conversion rates

Make Your Customer The Expert

AR gives us the ability to learn about products and services in detail, without having to pour over thick manuals or having to make appointments at stores. With AR, they might be able to peer into a car’s engine from the comfort of their own home, explore how an oven might fit within their kitchen or even figure out which airplane seat might be the best choice for them.

By making your customer the expert, brands may have the ability to build more trust and loyalty with their customers.

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