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What's the Hyper Island Master's experience like?

  • by Hyper Island Asia

We've reconnected (intimately, and virtually) with our students, from Crew X, last week, and today, we are sharing a video on how being a Masters-level student with Hyper Island is really like?

To know Hyper Island is to experience Hyper Island. So hear it straight from our learners sharing their experiences, perspectives and answers to:

"Why do I need to study again?"
"What value will I get from it?"
"Will I have enough time?"
"Why Hyper Island?"

We applaud our learners taking this step, as its been never normal during these challenging times. Hear first-hand their truth on their transformation and learning experiences at Hyper Island, and how they've found life-long value by investing in themselves. 



We hope this inspires and excites you to take the next step in your self-development journey. Applications for our MA programmes are now open for 2022-2023 intake, with application deadline closes 30th May 2022.

Learn to see the world differently. 

Hyper Island Master's Programme Asia:

❤️  Deep gratitude to Ridzwan, Jasmine, James, 
Khaniff, Jiunn, Fatin, Miguel & Safiah for your presence and sharing.

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