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"5 Steps to Manage your Trigger Points" Miro Board

  • by Hyper Island Asia

Discover how you can manage your trigger points in order to complete your tasks efficiently.

Created by our Master's Programme students: Akiko Osuga, Edmund Quah, Faizal Ali, Kaori Nishijima, Mabel Wong, Melissa Tal

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In an age of remote working, it has become increasingly important for individuals of any entity to exercise self leadership—the intention of motivating oneself to achieve a goal. With the rise of online Zoom fatigue and excessive collaboration, finding time to pause for self reflection is and will become an essential part of life, before embarking on a fresh start to the day.

'5 Steps to Manage your Trigger Points' is a simple flowchart that is designed to help individuals understand how to manage their personal triggers in order to stay motivated and complete their tasks.

By first visualizing your tasks and juxtaposing it against your emotions for the day, it brings about a sense of clarity to complete your most critical task efficiently, while not compromising on the state of your mental well being.

As you go down the flow, you are encouraged to reflect on yourself and suggest the best way to mitigate these triggers or relook your positive reinforcements

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