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"The Fast Decision Making" Miro Board

  • by Hyper Island Asia

👉 Access Board Here

Created by our Master's Programme students:
Sally Wong, Erica Tay, Monil Nisar, Catherine Xia, Wei Bin Ng, Myra Lee, Jaslyn Tan

When to use this board?

- Your team is new, there is no leader or decision maker.
- Your team has too many great ideas (The paradox of choice).
- You need a democratic and quick way of decision making.
- Your team is at a stalemate and can’t arrive at a decision.

When NOT to use this board?

- Brainstorming and Ideation sessions.
- Deep diving into specific ideas.

Why use this board?

- Gain alignment.
- Prioritise ideas.
- Arrive at a decision FAST.
- Propel project forward; move on to next steps.
- Ensure everyone has a say.
- Share collective responsibilities.

What’s next?

- You can combine this board with other miro board(s) to deep dive into selected idea(s).

*5-1-4 is a guideline for the amount of time you should spent on. Do modify the proportion of time based on the decision you need to make.
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