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"Reflection Cafe" Miro Board

  • by Hyper Island Asia

The Reflection Cafe Canvas offers teams a guided checkout process at the end of the daily sprint. This canvas lets individuals and teams reflect in an easy, fun and intuitive way what their needs are, and how best to meet them together as a team. 

Created by our Master's Programme students: Alan Khoo, Grace Tan, James Lee, Kevin Ng, Miguel Mercado, Rachel Goh andTeo Kuan Wah.

👉 Access Board Here


At the end of the process, the team makes a commitment pledge to intentionally take positive action and this pledge is documented as steps towards creating a safe, anti-fragile space.

When to use The Team Canvas?
At the end of a sprint, there is nothing like a reflection process to recover, regroup and realign so as to build a better team.

How does The Team Canvas work?
You’ll be guided through 3 main key sections:
  • Individuals are given the first 10 mins for an individual assessment with particular focus on how he or she feels, works and contributes to the team.
  • The next session, has the team determining their temperature
  • The team can then choose a suitable room where they can discuss possible concerns, gaps or victories. Steps agreed from the discussions in the room will be documented via the commitment pledge.
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