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"The Digital Pantry" Miro Board

  • by Hyper Island Asia

The Digital Pantry Miro Board

This is a team-building exercise that is themed around the creation of your Team's ideal Digital Pantry. People used to connect with each other over lunch, water cooler chats, or saying 'Hello' in the corridors.

Created by our Master's Programme students: Eleanor Tan, Kaimin Huang, Valerie Ang, Nicholas Tan, Shafiq Hanapi and Sharon Wong.

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With the proliferation of remote offices, this space for human connection and interactivity is increasingly lost. This exercise serves to help teams get to know one another better by creating a social space, such as the ubiquitous Office Pantry, together.

The Digital Pantry is designed to be used in online team-building workshops to introduce new team members, foster human bonds, or find common interests. This exercise is best experienced by teams of up to 20 members.There are six rooms within the Digital Pantry to move around in.

Define what it will look like, what you would like to include in it, the do's and don'ts of your pantry. Share your 'Asks' and 'Wants'. You are encouraged to freely express what you would like in your Digital Pantry, and how you'd choose to interact with your team mates within this safe space.

The aim of this exercise to get to know one another better in your team, so have fun while doing it!

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