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How Is AR Transforming Advertising?

by Hyper Island Asia on

Augmenting the world is a concept that us humans have always been fascinated with, even before we called in Augmented Reality (AR). Here are three big ideas and drivers of AR transforming the...

Maintaining Humanity and Purpose in a World Digitally Transformed

by Hyper Island Asia on

In a time where people’s tasks and even entire jobs are being automated, how does a leader help their people find their reason-to-be as they see increasing technology-led...

Courage in Authentic Leadership

by Hyper Island Asia on

Often as leaders we are asked to wear different hats and at the same time different masks that might obscure the real you. I believe that at the heart...

Hyper Island Asia Launches Cohorts Faster With Eduflow

by Hyper Island Asia on

Eduflow has had a huge impact on our students, and therefore a huge impact on us.

3 Steps To Visualise Data Differently

by Hyper Island Asia on

The sheer volume of data within 1 Zettabyte is impossible to imagine. Now that we’ve establish that. How could we tell a better story to easily visualise 100 Zettabytes?

5 Ways To Kickstart and Grow Your Marketing Efforts

by Hyper Island Asia on

If using only paid advertising is not getting you the results you are hoping for, here are 5 ways to how you could kickstart and grow your marketing...

Leading, learning in the metaverse

by Hyper Island Asia on

We can learn to fluently navigate the rapidly shifting technological landscape with thinkers and doers embedded in industry.

Why we all need Digital Bravery to face the future

by Hyper Island Asia on

This year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary and have been reviewing every part of our plans to keep our courses, our students, and ourselves relevant. We want to...

Staying focused on the task at hand

by Hyper Island Asia on

  In this unstructured frenzy, and in a world that is facing a reskilling emergency, how do we ensure we achieve the right learning outcomes as a society?...

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