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Syllabus: MA Digital Management Part-Time Asia


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Last Update: April 2023


Stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape

This MA in Digital Management from Hyper Island is for everyone that aspires to become a digital leader in their chosen industry. Designed in collaboration with industry experts and accredited by Teesside University in the UK, this is a fully global, innovative and interdisciplinary program.

You’ll enhance your understanding of current and emerging trends while developing and sharpening your skills, understanding and knowledge of what it takes to be a world-class digital leader.

You’ll develop core skills in humans or customers, intelligent machines, and leading teams. You will also have the opportunity to develop your capabilities in business transformation, short specialization project, leading innovation initiatives and understanding of emerging technological domains within FinTech and SmartCities.

You’ll be able to think like an entrepreneur and work strategically as an agent of change within organizations.


Total programme credits
180 (90 ECTS credits)

Study mode
This program lasts 18 months and the part-time study mode involves time on campus combined with assignments designed to be completed remotely and within the context of your own workplace – with continual support and inspiration from Hyper Island.

Master’s degree qualification
Successfully complete this program and you’ll receive a Master of Arts Degree in Digital Management – a qualification recognized worldwide. This program has been designed in partnership with, and accredited by, Teesside University in the UK.

Hyper Island Singapore is registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE) as a Private Education Institution under the provisions and regulations of the Private Education Act 2009 in Singapore.

Entry requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma with 3-5 years of work experience;
  • English 6.5 (IELTS) if your native medium of instruction is not English;
  • Approval from your employer to release you for study days and support for your study during the course.



What will you learn

Designed for busy professionals

As a graduate of this program, you will be equipped with the skills and tools you can use at work. You’ll be unafraid to innovate and change the rules to find ways to adapt and manage change to remain relevant and successful.

This program has three core modules, three electives from a choice of five, and one independent research project. Industry experts lead the practical projects and you will learn through a range of interactive talks, hands-on workshops, team challenges and deep reflection.

Introduction module

  • Hyper Island Way Week

Core modules

  • Humans or Customers
  • Intelligent Machines
  • Leading Teams

Elective Modules

  • Radical Perspectives (FinTech)
  • Exploring Innovation
  • Future Scenarios (Smart Cities)
  • Short Specialization Project
  • Business Transformation & Innovation

You will complete the program with an industry research project.


Hyper Island methodology

Our methodology focuses on the why as much as the ‘how’ and the ‘what’, and champions team collaboration over individual effort. We aim to challenge participants to grow personally and professionally through new ways of thinking and learning:

  • You’ll practice ‘learning-by-doing’ and use reflection as an active learning tool. Through regular feedback, you will master self-leadership and enhance your ability to work effectively as a team member and leader;

  • You’ll learn how to create and manage effective teams, navigate group dynamics, and develop your skills in project management and leadership;

  • You’ll be challenged to create solutions to real-world problems, practicing techniques of idea generation and business transformation;

  • All course content is designed to meet the needs of today’s industry and is delivered by industry professionals.



Program Modules

Each module of this part-time master’s degree program is delivered in blocks of four days on campus per month, and two days of individual work. Individual assignments will offer you the opportunity to take what you have learned and test out your ideas in your workplace. This will enable you to extend your knowledge of where ideas come from and how other companies are using ideation to gain competitive advantage.

The on-campus part of this program can be completed between 9-12 months on average, followed by six months of research-based work for the Independent Research Project, which is equivalent to a thesis.


Introduction Module 

Hyper Island Way Week

On campus: 4 days

Team building and culture creation are the names of the game here. Get to grips with the Hyper Island methodology and develop the skills to enhance your creativity.


Core Modules 

Humans or Customers

On campus: 4 days
Credits: 20 credits (10 ECTS credits)

Build empathy and insight to drive meaningful innovation through the power of design approaches. Customer demands and challenges are evolving all the time, therefore you’ll need the tools to tackle them and meet the customer needs of tomorrow, today.

Working with pioneering briefs that integrate design thinking, service design and human-centred design, you’ll collaborate with industry leaders working at the forefront of their fields. Using advanced thinking and doing approaches, you’ll set out to create meaningful change by questioning and reframing existing methods.

Intelligent Machines

On campus: 4 days 
Credits: 20 credits (10 ECTS credits)

Leaders of the future are able to create new forms of value by harnessing the radical potential of digital technologies. Can we reshape our relationship with technology to benefit a more sustainable and fairer world? Become on with the shifting technological landscape together with fellow creative minds within the industry. Explore the human foundations that enable technologies to revolutionize ways of working and get full insight into the fundamental concepts of both hands-on practical and front-line theoretical perspectives.

Leading Teams

On campus: 4 days 
Credits: 20 credits (10 ECTS credits)

What does collaboration and leadership really mean for teams in the digital era and beyond? Consider projects from a holistic perspective and explore project lifecycles. Experience complex challenges from a leadership focal point with the aim of developing your individual leadership and management skills, while learning the resilience to respond to the uncertainty of tomorrow.


Elective Modules 

Choose three to complete your degree

Radical Perspectives (FinTech)

On campus: 4 days 
Credits: 20 credits (10 ECTS credits)

The aim of this module is to allow you to focus on new and emerging areas of knowledge and practice within a specific industrial context such as Financial Technology (FinTech) or Digital Healthcare or geographical locations such as China or India. The context will be decided based on emerging industry and global trends. It is an opportunity to focus on applications and developments that are emerging as key drivers of change and innovation within a specific industry context. It will also look at the impacts on society and individuals of these developments. The learning goal is to provide contrasts with your own context to build new understandings of digital management.

Future Scenarios (Smart Cities)

On campus: 4 days 
Credits: 20 credits (10 ECTS credits)

You’ll discover radical perspectives from leading thinkers and doers in both industry and research. Together with industry leaders working at the forefront of emergent industries, you’ll be a part of the conversation to co-create meaningful futures. How do you think things could be different? How could we plan, anticipate, and generate resilience for those unpredictable times that may lie ahead? Practice reflection and think about your own future and the roles and collaborations you could be leading and taking forward.

Short Specialization Project

On campus: 4 days 
Credits: 20 credits (10 ECTS credits)

The aim of this module is to research and experiment with a project in an area of specialization relevant to your interests and professional context. You will gain practical experience by developing your own project which demonstrates your learnings and experience from the rest of the programme.

Business Transformation & Innovation

On campus: 4 days 
Credits: 20 credits (10 ECTS credits)

Change is inevitable. Learn from the organizations that are successfully adapting and navigating through change. Experience transformative engagements and help these organizations navigate the complexities of volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous territories. Get to know how to intelligently navigate your way through successive waves of radical change as a leader.

Agile Making and Prototyping

On campus: 4 days 
Credits: 20 credits (10 ECTS credits)

This project requires a hands-on approach. Here, we’ll harnessing creative approaches to bring ideas to life. Work with real-life briefs for real customers to develop agile processes to prototype, test, and release early. Experience the entire process, from paper to pixels, and gain feedback, insights from your industry leaders and peers within fast paced environments. This is where you’ll truly embrace the learn by doing attitude.


IRP- Industry Research Project

Project Duration: 20 weeks
Credits: 60 credits (30 ECTS credits)

The aim of the Industry Research Project is for you, working independently and individually, to deepen your learning and critical thinking in a professional work context; whilst at the same time further developing your theoretical knowledge, skills and employability in line with your chosen career path. You will plan, run, evaluate, and present a project that adds value and challenges the industry, meets the headline aims of the programme and is aligned with the Masters-level assessment criteria.


What to expect

Hard work
This is a highly rewarding master’s program with part of your learning at our Singapore campus followed by work-based application. The final project will be the delivery of a large piece of work, the Industry Research Project (the equivalent of a traditional MA dissertation). It can be demanding, yet incredibly rewarding. Through Masters-level work and research, you will develop critical thinking skills to approach problems in innovative ways and become an authority in a particular area.

It might be an intense program, but we are also aware of the need to create a positive environment. We provide you the support to ensure that this journey is enjoyable for you. This can involve exciting collaborations with agencies, festivals, and creatives. And of course, every cohort will find its own fun things to do: dinners, and drinks and collaborations! Find out more about the various start-ups that have emerged from Hyper Island.

Many people come to study at Hyper Island because they’re looking for something different, a new way of learning and of thinking about the industry in which they work. In such a challenging and culturally rich environment, you can expect to have your views and assumptions about the world challenged. Through deep reflection and effective feedback, you can learn more about the way you learn, what effect you have on others, and how you might work more effectively alone, with individuals, and in teams. Hyper Island graduates leave with the skills and experience to act as agents of change in the workplace. In whatever field you choose to work, the knowledge, openness, and self-confidence that you acquire at Hyper Island will prepare you well for achieving excellence and lifelong learning.


10 reasons to this program

  1. Get a master’s degree without leaving your job.
  2. Learn practical tools that you can apply at work. Drive real-time transformation in your organization.
  3. Work on real projects and gain new international and Asian perspectives.
  4. Look beyond the hype and learn how to develop your unique point of view of change and digital.
  5. Stay up to date. The program is designed and delivered in partnership with industry professionals.
  6. Be part of a supportive learning culture where you challenge and question traditional ways of thinking.
  7. Learn from others with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.
  8. Try things out rather than simply sitting back and listening.
  9. Seize the opportunity to tailor the program to meet your personal interests and career needs.
  10. Learn in a highly enjoyable environment.

Policies and procedures

Industry-wide course fee protection
Hyper Island Institute of Higher Education has an Industry-Wide Course Fee Protection in place. Hyper Island has appointed Lonpac Insurance Bhd as our IWC insurance provider. Information on IWC is informed to students through the student handbook and website. For more details on the usage of IWC and claims arising out of these policies, please contact:

Refund policies and procedures
Our Refund Policy relates to course withdrawal “With Cause” or “Without Cause”. The Policy is governed by the Student Contract entered into between the Institute and the student. Hyper Island Management Team in Singapore formally reviews the Refund Policy every year. Hyper Island Institute of Higher Education encourages students to provide feedback on the policy for potential improvement. Feedback is preferably submitted to Student Administration. The refund policy is communicated to all students and prospective students in the student contract.

Dispute resolution process
Hyper Island Institute of Higher Education recognises that encouraging positive working relationships between individuals will have a positive impact on staff and student well being and performance. When disputes arise, they can have a detrimental and long-lasting impact on those involved. Our policy aims at providing an expeditious informal resolution in these situations.

Medical insurance
All students must be protected under medical insurance. All students will be covered under the Hyper Island Institute of Higher Education designated medical insurance plan. For claims, please approach the Student Administration Manager. Hyper Island has appointed AXA Insurance Singapore as our medical insurance provider.

Student contract
Hyper Island uses CPE’s standard PEI-Student Contract. Students can refer to the CPE website or download a sample contract. Hyper Island will provide every accepted student with a contract that they will have to complete sign and return, as proof of acceptance into the programme. Please download the sample contract.

Transfer/withdrawal policies
This policy covers the regulations when a student at Hyper Island Institute of Higher Education in Singapore wants to transfer from one programme into another within Hyper Island as well as regulations for students wanting to withdraw from a programme at Hyper Island. It also states for what circumstances Hyper Island can withdraw a student from its studies. View all our transfer and withdrawal policies.

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