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Miro Boards

Tuning your teamwork

by Hyper Island Asia on

In a diverse company working in remote teams, conflict is bound to happen. This tool encourages team members to reflect and rise above conflict to reach the same...


by Hyper Island Asia on

After long days of WFH, everyone needs a dose of relaxation. You do your best work when the team is feeling refreshed. Superhighlands will help you unplug, escape...

The Safe Sphere

by Hyper Island Asia on

Create a safe space for yourself as well as others in the workplace, in order to build better relationships. Created by our Master's Programme students: Chang Chieh, Chiew Sze Lynn, Daniel...

Wear My Shoe

by Hyper Island Asia on

In new and mature teams alike, people often stay within comfortable roles, which limits their diversity of thought. How might we get people to think outside their boxes,...

Work Better, Together -Empathy Toolkit

by Hyper Island Asia on

A toolkit to expand empathetic potential at the workplace Created by our Master's Programme students: Adrian Chew, Zhiwei Cheng(Adrian), Steven Tan, Jasmine Ho, Gary Lee, Gu Ling 👉 Access Board Here

First Thing First

by Hyper Island Asia on

Prioritise the team's to-do list to achieve the team's goals as well as managing your stakeholders for maximum effectiveness.. Created by our Master's Programme students: Cheryl Kang, Cindy Lim, Eliza Thomas,...

"5 Steps to Manage your Trigger Points" Miro Board

by Hyper Island Asia on

Discover how you can manage your trigger points in order to complete your tasks efficiently.

"The Fast Decision Making" Miro Board

by Hyper Island Asia on

👉 Access Board Here Created by our Master's Programme students:Sally Wong, Erica Tay, Monil Nisar, Catherine Xia, Wei Bin Ng, Myra Lee, Jaslyn Tan When to use this board? - Your team is new, there is no...

"Reflection Cafe" Miro Board

by Hyper Island Asia on

The Reflection Cafe Canvas offers teams a guided checkout process at the end of the daily sprint. This canvas lets individuals and teams reflect in an easy, fun...

"The Digital Pantry" Miro Board

by Hyper Island Asia on

This is a team-building exercise that is themed around the creation of your Team's ideal Digital Pantry. People used to connect with each other over lunch, water cooler...

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